A Personal Experience

Friends & Family Workshop Min. 5 Participants

Target Audience: groups of friends, groups of managers, fun days for employees and companies, formation groups for offices, teachers, families and more!

The purpose of the workshop:
To create a useful personal product, which can be used regularly for everyday needs. In this workshop, each participant chooses a significant product that allows for an in-depth experience, both in painting and in subsequent daily use. And don’t forget:

Every person is born an artist!!

Price: NIS 200 per person (from 5 people)

For an additional 450 nis you can add a group product like our patented wooden carpets for floor and hanging. Prices vary by size and product type.

*Call us and we will build you the optimal workshop for you! (02.999.8921)

The stages of the workshop: Meeting with the artists: an interesting conversation about creativity and design.

Instruction on the unique colors and techniques

Choosing the products from the a large variety of designs and purposes

The personal painting process. Each participant will take the time to draw, paint and explore the use of our patented paints on their chosen wood piece.

The Magic Table” – advanced finishing on each and every product with the help of stamps, and magic markers.

Exhibition and photographs of personal work.

Finally each participants item will be finished and lacquered with a high-quality varnish that will serve the product for everyday use for years

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