About Our Workshops

We at Kakadu, believe that Everyone is Born an Artist. That is also the name we gave the unique workshops that we have been holding for over 20 years for families, and groups from every sector of society.

In the workshops, participants are given a short demonstration and instruction about our materials and techniques. Then, every participant is invited to choose a product from our collection, and to paint it as they like.

We encourage participants to connect with their creative core – regardless of their everyday occupations.

Everyone Is Born an Artist workshops are intended for families, companies, organizations and couples – ages 3 and up. They allow for a family or group dynamic and everyone can work together!

After the workshop the participants receive their personal painted object – lacquered and ready for years of use.

The workshops are held in the Kakadu gallery in Tzafririm, or by prior arrangement, anywhere in Israel or abroad.

We adjust our workshops to suit the group or family, call us and we will create a workshop that is ideal for you. Tel: 02.999.8921

Sukkot Festival

Fun for the Entire Family

Team Building Workshop

20+ Participants

Friends & Family Workshop

Min. 5 Participants

Couples Workshop

Up to 2 Participants

Group Workshop

Up to 10 Participants