Te'ema Yotzeret

Group Workshop 25- 50 Participants

Target Audience: companies, hi-tech companies, organizations, banks, retirees, teachers, bar/rab mitzvah celebrations, birthdays, family celebrations, discovery groups and tourist groups from abroad.

The purpose of the workshop:
To allow relatively large groups a one-time and unforgettable experience, in which each of the participants will try painting on the product of their choice. Release from inhibitions, connecting to the artist in each and every one, enjoyment, openness, teamwork, formation, fun and joy. And don’t forget:

Every person is born an artist!!

Price: NIS 50 per person (from 25 people)

It is also recommended to add group work (preferably no more than 10 people around a work) to the process – wooden carpets for the floor and wall at an additional cost of NIS 450 per unit, which will then decorate the workplace, home or public space.

*Call us and we will build you the optimal workshop for you! (02.999.8921)

The stages of the workshop:
An artist meeting – a flowing conversation and the opening of creative barriers (over a drink and getting close in the spacious and beautiful guest room) and introduction to trademark paints and techniques that are unique to Kakadu.

Everyone chooses the product and starts working
Products to choose from:  hamsa, door sign, bird, pomegranate, fish, butterfly, flowers, and more

“The magic table” – an artistic finish with the designers on each product and with each participant

Finally each participants item will be finished and lacquered with a high-quality varnish that will serve the product for everyday use for years

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