Achva V'Yetzira

Group Workshop – Max. 10 Participants

Ideal for families, work groups, managers, teachers, friends and more.

The Purpose of the Workshop:
A meeting for group/family formation, an unusual experience, a fun day, an experience with a different flavor, a celebration with a creative tone

Workshop Duration:
Between 1 1/2 – 2 Hours

Price: Starts at 1,150 nis (including VAT) based on the item that is chosen (if there are less than 10 people, the price will be agreed with those in charge)

The stages of the workshop:
Preparatory meeting and conversation with the artists (over light refreshments and drinks, in the guest room) and introduction to trademark paints and techniques that are unique to Kakadu.

Each participant chooses the product on which he will draw and begins the personal drawing process of his choice: (hamsa, door sign, pomegranate, bird, fish, butterfly and more)

“The Magic Table” every participant who has finished his work is invited to the magic table for an artistic finishing of his work with the help of unique stamps, MAGIC MARKERS and more – the goal is to leave each participant with an experience and a beautiful product that he will be proud of

At the end of the personal process, all the participants gather around a large product that they will paint together – (to choose from: a wooden carpet 1m x 60cm, a small table, a mirror and more from the gallery product), they hold a brainstorm and draw together on an object that will be decorated, hung, used, at home or in the work space.

A high-quality varnish that will serve the product for everyday use for years

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