Sukkot Workshop

Chol Hamoed (10/11 – 10/14)

Daily Workshops @ 10:30 & 12:30 

Ideal for families and individuals – MUST RESERVE, SPACE IS LIMITED!

Workshop Duration:
Between 1 1/2 – 2 Hours

Price: Minimum 50 nis per person

The stages of the workshop:
Preparatory meeting and conversation with the artists (over light refreshments and drinks, in the guest room) and introduction to trademark paints and techniques that are unique to Kakadu.

Each participant chooses the product on which he will draw and begins the personal drawing process of his choice: (hamsa, door sign, pomegranate, bird, fish, butterfly and more)

“The Magic Table” every participant who has finished his work is invited to the magic table for an artistic finishing of his work with the help of unique stamps, MAGIC MARKERS and more – the goal is to leave each participant with an experience and a beautiful product that he will be proud of

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